Ministerial Search Cottage Meetings

The search committee needs your input to help shape our search for a settled minister.   We will hold a series of “cottage” meetings in October and November.

You are welcome to come to any meeting that meets your schedule.

Planned dates:

  • Oct 8  at 9am,  at church  & on Zoom. Hosted by Marty and Daphne
  • Oct 12 at 8pm,  on Zoom. Hosted by Katie
  • Oct 21 at 7pm, on Zoom. Hosted by Alex and Katie. Focus on under 35s.
  • Oct 23 at 1pm, at church.  Hosted by Marty and Daphne . Focus on seniors and non-working congregants
  • Oct 24 at 7pm. Hosted by Bill V at his home.
  • Nov 11 at 3pm on Zoom. Hosted by  Alex and Daphne , focused on families with young children
  • Nov 19 noon at church. Hosted by Katie and Marty, focused on choir

You can sign up for any of the meetings here.

If you have not yet completed the survey please do so as soon as possible, We request that online surveys are completed by noon on Tuesday, October 3rd. If you are submitting a paper copy please do so by Sunday, October 1st.