The 2023 Daniel B. Hinckley Award

The Daniel B. Hinckley Award is an opportunity to honor a current member of our congregation while remembering a man who lived out the meaning of service in our community.

Dan Hinckley was a member of First Parish for only 15 years before his death, from cancer, in 1992. Before that he had suffered several personal setbacks and when he lost his job and found himself suddenly retired, he poured his heart into service to this congregation. He’s remembered for his caring leadership, his friendliness, his willingness to help with projects large and small, his warm hug, and the way he had of making everyone feel special. He was an inspiration to all who knew him, and this award —given annually since 1990—is a way to extend that inspiration to those of us who came to First Parish after Dan Hinckley had left.

Sue Genser was honored by the award in 2023.