Nose to the Trail

Theologian Frederick Buechner, writes “your vocation in life comes from where your greatest joy meets world’s greatest needs.”

How do we know when we are on the right path for us as individuals or as a community of faith? What signs in your life have helped … read more.


Recent News

  • Ingathering Service
    On Sunday September 10th we had our official first service of the year.  We were joined by the incredible musicians from Jamaica Plain Honk Band who helped us celebrate our Ingathering Service in style.
  • The 2023 Daniel B. Hinckley Award
    The Daniel B. Hinckley Award is an opportunity to honor a current member of our congregation while remembering a man who lived out the meaning of service in our community. Dan Hinckley was a member of First Parish for only 15 years before his death, from cancer, in 1992. Before that he had suffered several personal setbacks and when ...