First Parish is a welcoming and friendly congregation, where you can get involved in the church activities to make friends.  Our covenant reads in part:  “Love is the spirit of this church”; we truly are a Beloved Community.

Marianne Cutter

I first came to First Parish in Waltham because of the last line of the Covenant in a banner above the door, “…to help one another.” I stayed because of the supportive and loving community, the opportunities to grow spiritually, the lasting friendships, and to … read more.

Michael Carmody

The Worship Committee, with its responsibility to create lay-led services has been at the heart of my home within First Parish, Waltham. Over the years, working with so many fine, knowledgeable, curious, dedicated people, having long discussions, arguments, challenging each other to learn what … read more.

Karen Klein

My first time at First Parish, some 20+ years ago, came at the urging of my then girlfriend and now wife, Marty.  But what kept me coming was the music, specifically the classical church music I most love, hence my interest in choir (and organ).  … read more.

Gary Maddison

I had been turned off by the patriarchal language used by the church I grew up in.  Divinity is not specifically defined here.  My beliefs have evolved over the years I have been a member. I appreciate the fact that there is room for that … read more.

Marty Ahrens