We Offer Education Throughout the Lifespan

We provide opportunities to explore, reflect, and learn in a nurturing spiritual community at all stages of our lives.

Children and Families

First Parish offers Religious Education/Exploration (RE) to children and youth on Sundays, September through June. Small group meetings take place 3-4 Sundays a month. There is an average of one multigenerational service a month as well as one multigenerational field trip or event each month.

The RE program provides children and youth developmentally appropriate opportunities to explore topics that include UU heritage, history, morals, health, sexuality, world religions and spiritual exploration. We encourage wonder, asking questions, critical thinking, compassionate love and honor diversity of beliefs. All church themes offer family discussion at home.

If you want your child to participate in the religious education program and feel that they may require special accommodation due to learning disabilities or behavioral issues, please contact the Director of Religious Education in advance so the best possible arrangements can be made.


Adult Exploration varies throughout the year and can be a monthly book club, workshops, and group discussions. Check the events list for more information


Gatherings for those who are new to Unitarian Universalism take place several times during the year.


The RE Committee works together with the Director of Religious Education to plan events.
The Committee meets monthly on the final Monday of the month at 7:00 on Zoom. Contact the Commissioner at pam_penton@walthamuu.org to get involved.