There are a number of groups under the umbrella of ‘Social Justice’. They evolve and grow depending upon the needs of the community.

The Social Action Team (SAT) meets on the first Sunday of every month at 1:00pm on Zoom where we have guest speakers on a wide variety of topics, including “The Politics of Charity”, “Whole-foods and Plant Based Eating”, “The Right to Die”.

The SAT gives an annual Holiday Dinner on December 24th for our unhoused sisters and brothers. Volunteers from the whole congregation pitch in. The team also helped to promote the establishment of the wintertime “Morning Hours” program run by Chaplains On The Way.

We have formed study groups like Equity and Justice for All, and We Are Antiracists Learning Together (WALT).

We have a close bond of friendship with Temple Beth Israel in Waltham, which led to two seminars attended by both communities. “Fighting Antisemitism” and “Allyship”. We recently attended a Shabbat service.

The Giving Tree is an annual Christmas-time program which collects charitable donations, clothing and toiletries in association with MHSA, Middlesex Human Service Agency.

Waltham Connect is a series of community forums on subjects such as: “Waltham Faces Climate Change”, “Anti-racism”, “Supporting Tweens”, and “Language Access and Community Engagement”.