The mission of First Parish in Waltham is to be a caring, inclusive, spiritual community committed to using free inquiry and the power of love to achieve peace, justice, and a sustainable world.

Our Relational Covenant:

To thrive collectively and individually, we the members of First Parish in Waltham covenant to:

Create an Uplifting Environment

  • Appreciate the differences among us, warmly welcoming all who wish to join.
  • Nurture one another with caring words, kind actions, and compassionate concern.
  • Share ideas freely, listen willingly, disagree respectfully, and forgive graciously.
  • Celebrate the joy and beauty in our lives and support each other in times of need and grief.

Work Together Harmoniously

  • Work cooperatively toward our goals and openly appreciate each other’s unique gifts.
  • Honor all voices and be open to changing our minds and our behavior, recognizing that we may not always agree
  • Accept that we all have limitations in role, responsibility, resources, ability, and time.

Resolve Conflict Compassionately

  • Assume good intentions from others and acknowledge the impact of our behavior, no matter what our intentions were – and be ready to apologize.
  • Deal with conflict by persistently working in direct, honest, and caring ways to remain in relationship.
  • Forgive ourselves and others when we don’t live up to this Covenant and begin again with love.