Ingathering Sunday: Mingling Waters, Building Community

Come on home, one and all!

Just as many streams meet at the ocean, so we are uniting as one community once again. Join us for a festive time of good stories, good music, good food, and best of all friends old and new. Our beloved hymn reminds us: “As tranquil streams that meet and merge and flow as one to seek the sea, our kindred hearts and minds unite to build a church that shall be free –”

Don’t forget to bring a little water representing your heart’s journey this summer!  Perhaps you got a little water from the campus where you left your teen at college, your dog’s water dish, the nursing home of your beloved, or your favorite swimming hole. We aren’t aiming for a travelogue exactly, but rather a sense of how you were changed by your summer days. We’ll have water on hand to use if you forget. Later, we will boil and save some of these mingled waters, so that it can be used to bless our children when we dedicate them.

Led by the entire worship staff team.