Welcome, Reverend Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd!

Dear First Parish Members and Friends,

At a meeting of the Corporation held on Sunday, May 5, 2024, Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd was unanimously called to be the minister of First Parish in Waltham Universalist Unitarian. 73 individuals (both on zoom and in person) voted in a meeting duly called and moderated.

Reverend Elka, as they are known, preferring they/them pronouns, has served as minister of the First Parish in Dorchester, MA since 2020. Prior to that, they served as Justice and Outreach Minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in Indianapolis, IN. They have also served congregations in Tulsa, OK and in San Diego, CA. Prior to ordination, Elka served in the Youth Office of the UUA and as a coordinator of UU youth programs.

Rev. Elka is a fourth generation UU and comes from a family of ministers. Their spouse, the Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd, is currently serving as Interim Minister of the First Parish in Concord MA; together they are parents of four young children and reside in Revere.


You can learn more about Rev. Elka on their web site.