The Jones Partnership Fund provides grants to non-profit organizations and projects that serve the Waltham community. Grants are typically in the $1000 to $2500 range.

Since 2010 the JPF has enabled First Parish in Waltham to partner with other community activists through grants that support the programs and projects of Waltham non-profits with whom we share concerns. These annual grants are helping to deepen the relationship between our congregation and the community at large, as well as to promote Unitarian Universalist values.

This effort has not always been easy, and not every experiment has proven as fruitful as we had hoped. But others have exceeded even our high expectations. We are learning! And we hope to expand that learning in partnership with you, if you think you are up to the challenge.

When you propose your project to the fund, remember that Partnership is central to our intention. How can we support one another while working to make our city a welcoming place for all of us to live?

Who Should Apply

We evaluate applications with the following criteria:

  • Supports or creates partnerships within and/or outside the church community
  • Reflects Unitarian Universalist principles and values
  • Indicates ways to ensure measurement of success
  • Primarily benefits the Waltham population. The organization doesn’t have to be based in Waltham, but the project needs to be beneficial to the Waltham community.

How to Apply

The application period is from December 15 to February 1 each year. An application form and instructions will be added here when the next application period opens.