The Jones Partnership Fund (JPF) provides grants to non-profit organizations and projects that serve the Waltham community. Grants typically range from $1000 to $2500, but can go higher. Our largest grant to date is $5000.

Since 2010, these annual grants have helped to deepen the relationship between our congregation and the community at large, as well as to promote Unitarian Universalist values.

When you propose your project to the fund, remember that Partnership is central to our intention. How can we support one another while working to make our city a welcoming place for all of us to live? Each applicant needs to have a church member as a participating sponsor.  If you don’t have a sponsor, please contact us so we can arrange one for you.

Who Should Apply

We evaluate applications with the following criteria:

  • Supports or creates partnerships within and/or outside the church community
  • Reflects Unitarian Universalist principles and values
  • Indicates ways to ensure measurement of success
  • Primarily benefits the Waltham population. The organization doesn’t have to be based in Waltham, but the project needs to be beneficial to the Waltham community.

How to Apply

The application period is from December 15 to February 1 each year. Please click here for a Word document that can be completed before being printed / downloaded and sent to us.  Alternatively, a pdf of the application form that can be printed before completion can be found here.

For help or advice on completing the form please email Jim Ohm, the Chair of the Jones Partnership Committee.