Speaker: Rev. Megan Lynes

Exploring Ramadan

Join us to explore Ramadan through the lens of interdependence, reflecting on its themes of humility, gratitude and illumination. All are welcome to deepen our understanding and foster interfaith dialogue in a spirit of open-heartedness, learning and connection.

“There is a time when you believe that everything is finished. That will be your beginning.”
 – Louis L’Amour “

On ZOOM ONLY – there will be road closures affecting the local area so we have switched to an on-line service only.

How Real Love Comes

You never know when Love will speak to you, or in what voice. It’s only important to listen, watch, be wakeful and ready for divine surprise, sometimes in the most unlikely incarnations.

No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

This all-ages service, led by the First Parish Staff and lay leaders, will offer some good old time fun. Well organized ahead, but no stress in the moment – we’ll tell the Christmas story together! Our choir will sing, we’ll have special guest violinists, and … read more.

Waiting for the Light

Mysteriously, the traditional Advent texts in the Christian scriptures are all about the apocalypse and the rapture. They are some of the most intriguing stories, out of which many movies based their bizarre twists of plot. Advent is a time of “not yet” and “already … read more.

Home for the Holidays

Some of us love the holidays, and some of us grit our teeth through the whole season. The poem by Jeredith Merrin, “Family Reunion,” names a part of the struggle, while uplifting the beauty and hope of this time as well. Families are complicated.

Come explore … read more.

Confronting Marvelous Truth

Our UU fourth principle talks about the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. The poet Denise Levertov writes: “Marvelous Truth, confront us at every turn, in every guise, iron ball, egg, dark horse, shadow, cloud of breath on the air…” Are there “ultimate … read more.